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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Soengatie Story...

Based on true story, which happened a long time ago in central Java, it could be a mirror to all cruel peoples around the globe...

One day in the year of 1948,
Popongan village,
Karanganyar district,
Surakarta residency

Soengati was a widow with two children, one was her own daughter and another step boy from her late husband. She was in the middle of preparing pancen --it is a ritual to provide some foods, drinks, cigarettes and all things the late likes when they lived-- to her late husband. The late Marto Sentono was the secretary of Popongan village; therefore, what he liked was different with common villagers. He liked the hot rice with fresh vegetables plus chili sauce served with fried catfish from nearby river. Moreover, not to forget the good-smell of tobacco served with black coffee. All the late Marto sentono favorites were served.

...whoever hurts others it will paid sooner or later...
Thirty kilometers east from Popongan village, there laid turmoil caused by Peoples Democratic Front (FDR) the sister of Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI). They rebelled to the Republic’s government to set up their ideal state, Soviet State of Indonesia ! Their great leader was Muso with his secondant, Mr. Amir Sjarifoeddin. He was the former prime minister of the Republic. Thousands peoples has been slaughtered by them because they did not follow this communist states of Indonesia Soviet. They cut their neck, hung and slaughtered as chickens. There were tears and blood flood in Madiun district at that time. The PESINDO (the youth socialist of Indonesia) militia with youth PKI and FDR, showed their power off. They wore the black-colored peasant uniform, with carraben automatic gun and clurit ( Madurese traditional dagger ). They killed whomever who did not follow their idea of communist states...

The Cruel Soldiers....

However, Bung Hatta as the successor of former PM, Mr.Amir, took required actions. He then sent Siliwangi troops to fight that rebellion. The troops passed Popongan village, where Soengati lived. That day was unforgettable moment to Soengatie. It has been a traumatic experience to her.

"Baaaaaaaaaaammmm...!!!", someone has crashed the door hardly, Soengatie was shocked to death because she was in the middle of breast-feeding her only daughter....
"He you woman, maneh teh gaduh sangu teu ?
( Sundanese : any rice for us bitch ?")
"I aye sir" replied her with terrible voice...
"KOWE BOGA SANGU TIDAK !!" the voice was getting louder...
"Ngapunten nDoro Tuan
( Javanese ; apologize me Sir...) mboten ngertos ( Javanese : I don’t understand what you just said at all...')
"Heu...beleguk siah...!"
( Sundanese : fucking moron ! “ )

Those starved troops have made Soengati’s house a mess until they found the food cupboard.
"Waduk siah...! Ieu teh naon ?"
( Sundanese : “You lied to me, what the fuck’s this ?” ) with his eyes starred at Soengati sharply...
"Ampun pak tentara, niku pancen kagem swargi bojo kula..."
( Javanese : Forgive me Sir, that’s for my late husband )
"Mani banyak alesan siah..."
( Sundanese : “You and your big mouth !”) he then ate all the late Marto Sentono’s pancen greedily.

While Soengatie just cried because she saw with her own eyes, her pancen for her beloved one was eaten by those starved and cruel Sundanese troops, Siliwangi....

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Sir Koeaing!
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  1. ku aing for all? namanya Sunda... anda memahami apa yang terjadi pada saat FDR memberontak? mereka telah benar-benar menusuk republik dari belakang, ketika itu rakyat dan TRI sedang terjepit karena perjanjian Renville, FDR malah melakukan penyembelihan, pembantaian dan perampokan yang keji terhadap tentara republik dan penduduk sipil. Nah, untuk apa anda berkisah seorang wanita yang dihardik tentara Siliwangi yang sedang kelaparan ketika menguber gerombolan FDR itu? Apa sebabnya rakyat seakan tidak mau membantu Siliwangi? karena fitnahan FDR kepada Divisi Senopati dari Jateng bahwa Siliwangi itu akronim dari SLW (Stoot Leger Wilhelmina). Jangan sekali-kali mendiskreditkan Siliwangi yang telah rela berkorban meninggalkan basis gerilyanya di Jabar demi mematuhi pemerintahan Soekarno untuk "Hijrah" ke daerah Republik di Jateng dan Yogyakarta. Anda ingin referensi yang komprehensif untuk sejarah itu? kontak saya, dengan senang hati akan saya bantu.

  2. Hey, this is nothing to do with SILIWANGI's name or race, as I told you, my great grand mother told me directly .....


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