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Saturday, February 3, 2007

There is always a giant among us

Ever since God made this universe, there is always a balance between the good and the bad. Our great grand father, Adam, teased by the Devil, and given some good advices from angel either. If you do the good things, you probably enter the heaven, vice-versa if you do the bad things you just enter the hell easily! In the politics world we know the opposition side, it said clearly as the opposite side, the idea is we need a balance circumstances in this world. Nothing is forever in this world, within the white power there is black power, even a little, it works as the opposite way...

...we live in the middle of good and bad peoples
face it !
As a social creature, we live among others, and there are good and bad persons for sure. Those two attitudes are within us. The Pandawa’s won’t become the white knights if there was no bad Kurawa’s ! The only problem is, that differences between good and bad are too far, and that’s certainly makes us wonder if there is such a very bad or very good person in this world? The answer is : IT IS!

Nobita has an asshole friend named by GIANT! He likes to kick his own friend ass even without any reasons before! Sure Nobita didn’t have any guts to make it even, not too mention Giant’s body as big as buffalo. All of us, since we have known others – I underline since we were in the kindergarten— must have the bad friend as Giant! I have no experiences of kindergarten school, so I just draw you my elementary school experiences. I had a very bad friend named Soeparman a.k.a nDhoklok (read like 'o' in ‘problem’). This boy had a bigger body than his levels, because he entered the elementary school late! He should in the 4th grade instead of 1st grade.

Those bad things came after this bastard was pointed as our class-head! One thing for sure, things started too gloomy ever since. Just like what Lord Acton cited "Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupt absolutely", and this nDhoklok was a perfect example of Lord Acton’s theory. He got the power, bigger body than his levels; to be frank it was just too perfect! If I may describe for what he did by his absolute power in words, it would be just too mean. He didn’t hesitate to spit other kids, to their mouth directly! The method is first he grabbed our arms until we could not move at all, and then he pushed our mouth to open ands 'crooot !" His saliva poured to our mouth like the Indian Cobra’s poison!

Saliva was just one of his torture tools, the other tool was hot have already know how hot it is to our skin. It was more sadistic than before! He could give this hot balm to other kids’ eyes for fun! You can imagine how those unlucky kids cried loudly

Did this 'giant' stop after our elementary school years over? NO HE DIDN'T! When I was in my Junior High, I met the other Giants! This time named Rober, Yes, that was his name. His father might not understand English words; just pick an ‘ear-catching’ word because he was born in ROmadhon and octoBER months! Watricht !


Because this kid as big as Samson, while the others as small as dwarf – dwarfs who liked to play in the field-movie held by Jamu Tjap Djago vendor— so he easily terrorizing us ! If anyone dares to challenge his order, then his hands, legs or other tools move as fast as Zeus does to kick our butts! Plak! Boekk ! Blesss....!!! Lucky for me, he was good in beating someone’s ass but not in his head. He counted on me for home works, or other intelligent things. It was good for me to stay from his cruelness away...

After I went to Senior High in Solo, there were so many giants in this school anyway! From seniors, my levels or even my juniors! Sadewo a.k.a mbako was one of our giant, he was in our same level. We named him as mbako (Javanese: tobacco) because he had hair like lesser tobacco, curl and bad smell. He got small body but awesome guts! I saw he fought with senior giant once. His name was Doni, his body as big as school doors! However, mbako didn’t get scared, even a little. He even gave his bad words while he fought! Whatta boy ! Another moment, I saw this boy was asked to go out from the classroom –in the middle of class hour – by a senior giant named Agus Mansion (because he was very found of drunk of Mansion House liquor)

+ Sir, can I talk with Sadewo for a moment?
- Ooo...sure you can...but don’t take too long....

Mbako then got from the class out to meet him, but what happened there was very surprisingly! He was not even to say a word when his face was punched by Agus mansion! As a giant too, mbako did his jobs well, he then gave Agus a punch as well...bak...buk! The teacher and other kids just saw it happened speechlessly! God damn them!

When I was in my college time, I was becoming one of these giants! least I fought with other giants twice a month...I have been fought versus two giants from Palembang....Bak! Boek ! Prot !! Their names were Faisal and Hakim. I was on the top at that time because they were in the middle of buzzed-out by Aceh marijuana. You know if someone buzzed-out by this thing they can not focus in doing something....Let say the gave us two punches and I gave them back four or five punches. What a shame, two giants from senior and junior class beaten by me, myself only in one moment. Luckily, for them...before anything went too far Gusur saved their ass! Gusur was the most senior Giant…

That’s all, in every moment of our life there will be a giant around; you’d better watch your ass!

Giant with Nobita’s face and Shizuka as his wife

Thursday, February 1, 2007

The magic seats of A 2, 3 and the powerful swinging-arms

....if there is a man and a woman in one room, the third one is Satan..... (Prophet Muhammad hadits)

Movie theatre --a favorite gathering-pool-- for youth couples in love. They even don’t care about the movie itself; the most important thing is who come first. The movies are not so important than their own ‘movie shooting’ session.

...this will makes your date hotter than before just believeme...
You do not believe me don’t you? Try by yourself to prove my story. After you get there, take a look at the A seats number 2 and 3. What happen with those seats? It has been a silent rumor that says those two seats is the sacred ones. All youth couples already known that whoever takes those two seats he/she will get the ultimate place to make love or get the sex-activities-pool.

Sex-activities-pool, what kind of animal is that? Sex-activities-pool came from three elementary words sex, activities and pool. That is self-explanatory to you all. For the ‘brutal’ term, it means a place for fucking, whether dry fucking or wet fucking. For this case, of course it is the dry one. Why? Because it is a public place even though it is a kind of a hidden place.

Back to the 2 and 3 seats, why aren’t three, four or other numbers? Moreover, why is in the hell should be A instead of B seat? You can answer quickly only if you have a strategic thinking. As long as we know couples come to theater often, and they are going to buy a pair of tickets as well.

The sex-activities-pool....

As we all have known, the A row is the hindmost place ever in the theatre, no more chairs after A row. If you have chosen the number two and three seats most probably no one wants to buy the number one seat because it’s the a single most-hidden-place in the world. Not to mention peoples tend to have some ‘distance’ with others therefore the number 4 seat is most probably not occupied. Now we can have a conclusion as follows, no one disturbs from behind and so does from front seat. No disturbance from your right, and no one else beside your left, voila! It’s time to have your good time bro!

So, if you get the number 2 and 3 seats you better be ready to hear strange choices such as retained kiss, mumble and sigh with hurrying breath from in-love couples. You can not focus on your movies for sure; you just focus on your ‘ears’ than your ‘eyes’ as there are some ‘trailers’ happened in your back rows.

Well, it’s time to come up with the second the lusty-world trick, the powerful arm-swing. It is special trick for male. You like to have your arm on your girl arm don’t you? And of course as a normal man you are love that boobs. And if she let you to grasp her boobs maybe you do it by every minute. But it’s too bad, you just meet her once a week only with limited times. So how you can grasp her boobs as many as possible within limited times?

Firstly, you must pretend to become such a romantic person maybe just like Casanova did. Those romantic things can be done by having your arm in your girl’s neck gently. Do not ever forget, while your arm surrounds her neck place your palm on his tits. It looks accidentally swinging along with the rhyme of your steps move. You can grasp ‘accidentally’ to your girl’s tits while swinging your arm up and two... gotcha! The more you step the more you can get the tits ! Now, you can get even for what you have paid for meals and tickets.

As far as I remember those two tricks are barely failed. The result is hundred on hundred. The most important thing is you must stay calm. No need to hurry. Indeed the final destination is tits, but it will be different in style if you do it by elegant way. Finally, happy trying!

...I don’t take any responsibilities on this article, particularly if you can make it: P

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