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Friday, February 23, 2007

Music makes life happier !

Music is the universal language, I am listening MUSE, Obituary and seurieus while I am writing. I like so many different music, range from keroncong to death metal. From dangdut to classical orchestra. R&B is the only kind of music that I hate the most, I don’t know why. I think the black music is far away different these days compare to their old one. I like the old black music, they generate great musician like James Brown, Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, and it was undeniable that they were genius in music. But at present days, their children has ruined all they have achieved by creating the trash music called by R&B. This is not even music, it is just a bunch of gangsters, pimps, and whores unite in the lusty world. If I have to kill one R&B singer, I would be glad to do it, mostly the one who wear under pant on his head, let me kill him, free of charge!

...this world consists of musical compositions only we listen to it or not doyou?
Music, for me is emotional thing, it has to touch my feeling, whether my romantic feeling or even my anger. If I listen to Simon & Garfunkel, Lobo, Bread or John Denver, their smoothness, empathy, and love touch my soul. Nevertheless, if I listen to Manowar, Metallica, or Obituary, my spirit arises as if my blood run up trough my head...there’s so many fires there! One thing you must remember if there is songs that can make you cry it means it has a healing power to your agony. For instance is Bread’s IF, not to mention Lady of Dream from John Anderson and Kitaro. I bet you can cry loudly after listen to Simon & Garfunkel’s Bright Eyes! I have a good advice for you; do not ever listen to those songs while you are broken hearted! It leads you to suicide instead of healing your pain!

It is no wonder if we see how music becomes a prayer to the Lord. The Moslems give their prayer some rhythms mostly in Qur’anic reading. From the easiest to the hardest, (you will need an iron lung to do the hardest way). Something is more touching if we change it to some singings. That way, the religion’s moral values can easily run trough our souls...directly or not....

Smells like teen spirit - Nirvana

I have my musical activities since I was in my Junior High School. I started with Deep Purple’s songs but before it, I listened to Queen, Scorpion, and Lobo, because my elder brothers and sisters played those songs often. Deep Purple’s Highway Star makes me thrilled even now, this song has a deep emotion in my soul, the tempo and beat just match with my youth soul! I carried my Deep Purple’s cassette and played it loud in the middle of our school’s library! What a crazy boy! You can imagine, when we are in the library, we supposed to be silent, even you cannot speak to others in high tone, but I played music loudly instead! Guess what? Everybody definitely was getting mad on me. Did I change my habit? NOT at all! I didn’t care even finally my teachers came up...I still don’t understand up to now, how crazy I was!

I played guitar as well in this age, started the Malay songs such as Search’s Isabella. Moreover, the D-day has come finally; I played a band with my companies. My activities was just music ever since. Playing guitar from maghrieb time to midnight, everyday, seven days a week, 30 days a month and 365 days a year! I do it during these 21 years more! Up to now! Remarkable! Do I bored or something? NO, that’s because the magic of music.

I had two different bands when I was in my senior High School! The band played kroncong and the other played death metal! I played bass-cello and 3-snare ukulele, we call ukulele as cuk! While in my death metal band, I played rhythm guitar and sing! You can give your imagination how complex I was. We played Miss Waljinah’s 'Mawar Biru’, but the other night I probably played Sodom, terrorizer or Napalm Death’s songs! It was like heaven and earth, far away different way of music, but I like them all no matter what!

After I became a University student, I found that the death metal fans were just a little in amount. However, the show must go on, I had to be flexible, so I started to sing Nirvana’s songs. Our band -- Donal bebek, has played most of their songs. I wanted to play weezer or Beatles badly, but what I can say I just lost those bands ruined and my friend found their own life. My ex-guitarist has some printing company in Yogyakarta, my ex-drummer (there are three of them) one becomes The Coca cola’s company employee, the other one I lost my connection and his news, and the last one is the only one who still playing music. He is the drummer of Minoru, some Japanese Rock band.

As a band boy, I can feel the ultimate satisfaction when I am on stage. It is when the crowds are going crazy we call it by headbang. I experience some remarkable moment once, friend of mine, she hates rock music actually but she cannot afford to have her headbang when I sang my Nirvana’s songs. I played bass and sing at that time, I broken my bass snare it was because I played it hard. My guitarist had the same experience he broken most off all his snares. My drummer broken his cymbal as well! What song of nirvana could lead us to hysterical actions? SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT! Their greatest song forever!

Miss the stage actions

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