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Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Meaning of Anti

....Tampomas Jaya is the most famous noodle vendor in Western Java and Batavia.....(Tampomas Jaya - I)

Allah the Almighty with a perfect decision created the world. There is a big and there is a small one, there is a beautiful and there is an ugly one, there is good smell and bad smell, and there is a few and a many as well. Even in the noodle business, there is the big giant vendor who cover the Western Java and Batavia area, in the contrary there is a small or tiny Noodle vendor and just a little of us know where about.

...reading is the key to see the world out there
therefore illiteracyis our biggest enemy...
This story began by a crooks-headquarter-look-alike hut in the corner of small and slum path near my in-de koost house in Jatinangor Darussalam. Filthy, I saw only a not-very bright-lamp and one transistor Philips radio made in Dutch, the old school version! The original land-floored and zinc-roofed has made this warung getting slummier. Nevertheless, there is a saying in the noodle-house world, "The dirtier the vendors the better taste its noodle..."

Therefore, to maintain the justice, I didn’t go to the Tampomas Jaya for a week and change my direction to this little noodle-house. As usual, the noodle-house boy came from Sumedang Village, too bad I don’t remember his name by now. He always tidy looks, with mandarin haircut ala Aaron Kwok, a famous film star from Hong Kong.

"Mangga a "*
"OK...just like usual..."
"Ok a..."**

The illiterate Aaron Kwok***

Then I get the bala2* binti ba'wan...kremoes...with a raw rawit-chili in my mouth, it made all my hair rose to the sky. Then I got a very itchy feeling because I have so many dandruff on my head! The damned dandruff that ruined my life for a long time!

"He kid....are you an anti-Koempeni or not ?"
I asked him suddenly....
"What kind of Anti a...?"
"That Anti...not like to someone or something..."
"Ooo...that’s the meaning of Anti though..."

What ? It means there is someone who doesn’t understand the meaning of anti ? What a f….., I bet this kid cannot read either....

"Hey you kid, can you please read the used newspaper there for me ? Yes, that paper , the ex-wrapper of your bala-bala, it seems the news is quite interesting for me though..." I started to bait...

This boy started to get nervous, his mimic reflecting the mix between
‘want to go to have a big shit and want to masturbate himself’ because a very shameful feeling....

Bloody hell! This kid is just so not-reflecting his look; his look is excellent but not worth with his ‘head capacity’, even an simple word of anti he didn’t understand at all. How come he can understand something if he cannot read at all ? All of you have been known for a long time that reading is the window to the world !

I feel pity for him, he covered his dumb by his look. What a look is for, if you cannot read even a single word ? What your Aaron Kwok-Haircut is for, if you don’t understand the meaning of Anti ? Who’s to blame ? The Government ! This is the obligation of Government to provide a literacy program to its peoples !

This illiteracy kid lived nearby the center of Pasundan land, Parijs Van Djava ! What in the hell Government do so far ? Not to mention a Big University has already been found just before this illiteracy kid ! The clear useless things before our very eyes.....

...the more reading the more writing....

*here it is brother
** yes brother
*** taken from


  1. It's a perfect hope of a citizen right? Me too, but I think, this hope is very faraway from realization

  2. Faraway doesn't always mean impossible, so we should remain optimistic....

  3. In principle, a good happen, support the views of the author


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