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Sunday, September 23, 2007

M E R T J O N - The little dynamite !

There's evil in every good seed, even just a little, on the other hand, there's a good seed in every evil thing. That's the Tao Te Tjing's philosophy from the Chinese prophet, Confucius. It has something to do with mertjon a.k.a little dynamite. I think you are all aware that that little dynamite comes from Chinese civilization. therefore it just fine if we use Chinese philosophy to discuss about China stuffs.

...this mertjon look like some of the dynamite we see in common world but lighter ...
Over Betawie land, the Chinese influent is so dominant,including this little dynamite thing, so there's no festivals without bang-bang wham from this little dynamite ! No wonder, Betawie people is fine with all riots. The holy month of Ramadhan is the festival month or them, so it's fine if we commemorate with mertjon. If you are not betawie, you can be crazy to see the betawie's madness to riots on their festivals.

Mertjon, the little dynamite as little as our fingers, can manage a loud bang and make us jump from the chair ! Actually there's so many peoples have died from it. The other day I heard that one family was vanished by mercon blast around Cileungsi resident. It's ironic as the mertjon season commence on ramadhan month, the holy month for moslem and need a quiet atmosphere to do their prayer seriously.

If you have your habit sleeping after the subuh prayer time, I consider you just doing the luxurious thing for average Rawabelong peoples Van der Kebajoran. As in here those little bastard always blast their mercon right after the subuh prayer time. Bang...bang...boom..! You can imagine how bad my sleeping quality is. It's a mess actually. I got my red eyes, I got my patience's challenge every morning, sometime I can not hold to give them my bad words, ironically, I did it after subuh prayer time.

"What the f***....hey you ! A** Ho**...go f*** yourself kiddo !!!"



Usually they ran for their life after I went out to get the hell'em out ! Did they feel sorry ? NOT YET man ! the other morning, the same ritual happens, even more evil ! I can not kill'em especially in this holy month right? I think it's some challenge and test from Allah SWT, beside I did it almost the same when I was a kid :P. I liked to play mertjon either when I was a kid. I did it professionally, I bought mertjon from the direct producer directly ! Two black plastic containers, full of mertjon for a month-full Ramadhan's stock !

My first mertjon blasted in my own room, I did it to frighten my sister actually...
"Hey sis watch out...I have my little dynamite in my hand....BOOOOOOOOOOOM !!! " I was not even finished my words when the little dynamite was blasted....!! Two weeks after the blast I feel there's a two ambulances inside my head !

Human,even i did my first accident but it didn't stop me though. As I am a real human, so I tried again to fire my others mercon left. This time I tried to show off to my buddy, Parjo. I chose the place purposely right in the middle of village bridge close to my house. I chose the time after Tarawih prayer time....

"Jo...give your attention to my head and shoulder little dynamite....if I start to fire my match to those little dynamites, I can blast Solo in just my eyes' blink, because the sound of this little dynamite is so loud..." I talked to parjo arrogantly...
"Is that so ?"
"Hey buddy, I give you my words, you see, this is the holy month, I can't lie to you brother..."

In a moment
I fired the detonator, but there was some mistakes, the ammo was too much given to the detonator it caused the fire blasted too fast, just like the lightning....."BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM...!" The victim was my right ear, after two weeks ago my left ear becoming the first victim ! Today I completed my total deft !

I went to the doctor after that blasting accident, the doctor was a Chinese , Doctor Boedi ....

"'ve made your two ears-membrane teared-off kid....lucky you it can be healed by average medicine only...."

The medicine was dropped to my ears, twice a day, night and day. Have you heard about Eustachian's channel ? That's the channel in-between ears and throat. So if I got dropped my ears by the night, the next morning I felt my mouth was so bitter, as the medicine flowed along my throat trough my ears !

That's all folks, Actually I just want to be the King of Mertjon in fact I have my deft ears.... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM !

Prefer the calmness

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