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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The free movie theatre no other arts in this world, I cannot master is the hardest arts I ever know.... (Koeaing!)

"OK, you koeaing, Nurul and Sinto, come here, in front of the class, and give us a short scene of Prince Diponegoro Pursuit drama...." asked my History teacher....
My sweat ran out from my skin just like the blood flood when Moses tried to proof Allah’s power to Pharaoh.
"Ca…ca…cann...can we just have one or two rehearsal first ma’m ?" I tried to buy was better than died before the class.
" it RIGHT NOW...!"

...movies is sometimes becoming more important than real lifeitself...
My God !! I acted as The Blind Prince Diponegoro with my eyes closed , because I must blacked-out if my eyes opened. Acting, I admire it, as it is hard to master, the art that I cannot afford to master it up to now. Singing, dancing, playing the gamelan, guitaring, drawing, painting, martial arts, you name it, I master all easily, but not for Acting, I have given my last world SURRENDER !

I could imagine if I master this art, I would be a famous actor. All beautiful girls cried hysterically yelling my name while I crossed the red carpet of Hollywood. Maybe just like Clark gable, the classical film actor with one of his hits ever, Gone with the Wind. Maybe Raden Mokhtar as well, the ex-actor of Miss Tjitjih toniil theatre who became the most famous actor in Oost-Indie .

However, what can I say All what I did is just watched movies; nothing’s more, no acting at all. The worst scenario was, I was a poor kid, even to buy some food I could hardly afford, how could I go to the theatre ? Stealing, picking pocket ? The crowd would beat me to die after they got me ! So, how is the best way to see some movies ? The answer was watched it for FREE !

Karanganyar district
had one theater, the big building right on the downtown, nearby my Junior High School. I passed that building everyday after my class hour, therefore I knew how peoples came in and out well. Peoples came with the 2.5 F ticket. That 2.5 F was as much as my two-days meals. I could not give my two-days meal away, not to mention they tore the ticket off anyway, what a moron !

The exit door was at the right wing, it was the pale-blue colored one, big size and stinky, no wonder, maybe the Dutch built it. Every time the movie was over, peoples got out without queuing anymore, and I could see the small path left among the crowd, that mean a free ticket for me tough ! Problem is solved !

Right on the 'D' day, I started to do my plan. The theatre opened on matinee time alias high noon so peoples got out by half to three afternoon, which was my BIG TIME, as my class was over. Now it is twenty-five past two, my heart was beating fast even I could hear it by my own ears. My breath was in hurry, just like a beginner thief, the longer I wait the more beats I heard.

Do it or do not…do it or do not...DO IT ! I have been thinking it sometimes, how could I cancel it ? If the theatre’s guards caught me up, the worst thing was they fined me, and I was ready for it...even I didn’t know how the money came from ! Krieeeeeeeeet....broll....!! As the peoples got out from that gigantic door, I slipped-in...After broke trough some men’s legs and of course the girls either :P finally I got to the center of the theatre, still you could smell the bad-smell aroma directly from Medan town....

I ran to the scene-behind room to hide for a while. Because if you directly went to the seats the guardians saw you easily. Behind that theatre scene, I saw so many movies stuffs like movies advertising papers, film brochures, paint, scene posters, large-size textiles....bamboo sticks, they just placed all that trash in my ‘temporary palace’, shit ! This was the price I had to buy, got along with the trash, and while the smell of mice shit was mixed with peoples’ urine...

In the next ten minutes, the theatre became very dark; it was the sign of the advertisement part. It was the right time for me to go out, so I stepped out to the viewer’s seats, pretended I just came out from the rest room ! Remember, the calmness and normal gesture is the success key or thief...

I went to the second floor, my favorite place in the theatre. I sat right nearby the projector, you just don’t know how happy I was, listened to the rolling film-celluloid. My breath was back to normal, so did my heartbeat and I still have my money in my pocket...what a life ! It was fun to watch the free movies !

Grand elder KRT Soerjomentaram said, "win without conquer, attack without armies" and I guess that grand daddy forgot some words " without pay...”

If we can do for free why pay ?


  1. wait wait wait. are you realy mr koeaing? kowe oerang boekan ekstrimiist ha? kowe orang djahadi oerang londo inggris ha?

  2. hehe.. is there any Saritoga cigarette advertisement in advertisement segment before the movie played..? in our district theater, we had it.. :D
    10 years ago.. most played film are double x like sex for sale, roda roda asmara van inneke koesherawati... wanna great tender age..:D

  3. #bro JT, it's me, really me. i just wanna share my marvelous life to all humankind...try to use my universal translator, awesome though...

    #kawulo :
    just some REGAL biscuit commercial ....that was in my childhood....


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